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Track your Square payments with Numerous and IFTTT

John Scalo
24 July 2014

There’s some exciting news for business merchants today: Square and IFTTT announced that sellers can now integrate their Square payments with IFTTT to trigger IFTTT’s custom actions. Made a big sale? Send a w00t email to your whole staff. Issued a refund? SMS the manager so she can follow up with the customer.

Numerous and IFTTT have been a fantastic fit so far and this might be one of the best uses yet so we wasted no time in adding support for IFTTT+Square integrations. Here’s a recipe that updates a Numerous number whenever you make a sale:

IFTTT Recipe: Track your Square payments with Numerous connects square to numerous

And if you’ve never created a number in Numerous that updates via IFTTT, it’s easy. Charlie wrote a great blog post last month with instructions and a video. Check it out.

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