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Creating Auto-Updating Numbers with IFTTT

Charlie Wood
27 June 2014

At Numerous, one of our favorite third-party services is IFTTT (short for "If This Then That", rhymes with "gift"). Many of our users use IFTTT to create numbers in Numerous that update automatically. Here's a quick video showing how it's done:

Personally, I use IFTTT to connect my Withings scale and my Automatic Link to Numerous to track my weight and the miles I drive every day:

IFTTT Recipe: Track and share your Withings weight with Numerous connects withings to numerous IFTTT Recipe: Track total miles driven with Automatic Link and Numerous connects automatic to numerous IFTTT Recipe: Reset a Number to Zero at Midnight connects date-time to numerous

(Note that I combine two IFTTT recipes for my mileage: one to increment mileage after every trip and one to reset that number to zero every night.)

IFTTT currently supports over 100 apps and devices, so we've only just scratched the surface with what it can do with Numerous. We'd love to hear about the recipes you create so if you do so, please leave a comment here.

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