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Dreamforce: Get Your Wave On, and a Numerous T-Shirt

Charlie Wood
17 September 2015

The coolest thing we've seen at Dreamforce is Wave Analytics, and I'm not just saying that because we're showing Numerous talking to the Wave API later today. But we are. And you should come see it because it's pretty freaking awesome. That, plus you get a free Numerous t-shirt.

Here's the deal: come to our session, show us Numerous running on your smartphone, and we'll hand you a first-run Numerous t-shirt. Boom.

Wave is Salesforce's entry into the $38 billion analytics market. Notably though, it can pull data from anywhere—not just from Salesforce.

During our session we'll show Wave chewing through a ton of data we've exported from Amazon DyanmoDB. And we'll also show it populating numbers in the Numerous app, making it possible to view numbers from Wave alongside those from Tesla, Google, and SpaceX, among others (videos below.)

So download Numerous now, explore the Salesforce Channel and Dreamforce Channel, and we'll see you at 3:00pm in the Franciscan Ballroom at the Park Central Hotel (map) for our session, "Catch the Wave of ISV Analytics Apps".

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