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Today’s Big Announcements

Charlie Wood
30 July 2015

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Buckle up, because we have a ridiculous amount of stuff to announce today: new iOS and Android apps, new channels, a new developer platform, and a deep new integration with IFTTT. (Plus, a new logo!) But before I dive in and show you all the new stuff, let me take a step back and put all of this in context.

John and I founded Numerous in November 2013 with a vision of an end-to-end service that would connect people to the numbers that permeate their lives and put those numbers to work. We wanted it to connect to everything, remove all the context-switching, overhead, and cruft, and make your most important data available at a glance. That’s a pretty ambitious idea, and one includes a lot of moving pieces. Today after more than eighteen months of building, that idea becomes reality. If you can’t tell, we’re pretty stoked.

Numerous isn’t an just app, it’s a service—it's comprised of a backend built to scale to millions of users and billions of numbers, a set of mobile apps to make those numbers accessible to those users, a collection of channels to connect to existing apps, devices, and services, and a developer platform to allow third parties to customize and extend the whole thing without limit. And every one of those pieces is new today.

New Mobile Apps

Let’s start with the mobile apps. Numerous for iOS has a beautiful new look, first evident when signing in. We’ve emphasized iCloud signin since it’s the easiest and most private, but have kept Twitter, Facebook, and Google as options.

We’ve also reworked the entire onboarding experience for new users.

Finally, we’ve redesigned the channel chooser to be bigger, brighter, and able to accommodate our fast-growing selection of channels.

Of course, the app is still native on iPad as well, and an Apple Watch app is included.

Today we’re also launching Numerous for Android with the same visual improvements as the iOS app. Android users have been waiting patiently (ha!) for Numerous and today we’re very happy to finally deliver.

New Channels

But having apps that everyone can use is not enough—we also need to connect people to the numbers they care most about. Toward that end, Numerous includes built-in connections or channels to make connections with devices like Fitbit, Nest, and Tesla, apps like Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar, and services like Strava, Weather Underground, and Twitter.

In the past we’ve added one or two channels at a time. Well today we’re adding seven, with a focus on business applications:

Salesforce: Stay on top of your business’ most important numbers from Salesforce. Looking to follow sales, customers, leads, or opportunity numbers? Simply create a report in Salesforce and Numerous will pull out the important numbers for your personal dashboard.

Stripe: Get insight into your Stripe transactions. Available numbers include Number of Active Customers, Monthly Recurring Revenue, Average Revenue Per User, and Annual Run Rate.

Coinbase: Get the current Bitcoin spot price in US Dollars according to Coinbase.

Facebook Pages: Follow your Facebook Page numbers. Available numbers include: Page Likes, Visits to Location, Check Ins, and Number of People Talking About your Page.

Facebook: Get social with Facebook and Numerous. Available numbers include Number of Friends. Coming soon: Event countdowns.

Misfit: Follow important numbers from your Misfit gear. Available numbers include daily summaries of: Steps, Distance, Calories, and Points.

Piggy Bank: Easily create allowances for your children to help teach your kids to be smart with money. Automatically add allowance amount by week or month and set an optional interest rate to reward saving. Share the ability to update balances with your significant other. Allow your child to view her balance and changes over time.

New Developer Platform

With these additions, Numerous now has dozens of built-in channels. But no matter how quickly we crank them out, there will always be a need for more. So today we’re launching the new Numerous Developer Program including both the Channels API, which allows third-party developers to create their own channels, and the Metrics API, which makes it easy to create and update individual numbers with simple scripts.

The first third-party channel, Exchange Rates, is already live—and more are in development.

New IFTTT Triggers

Finally, our vision for Numerous is not only to connect people to their numbers but also to put those numbers to work. So we’ve developed a deep new integration with IFTTT. Numerous—and all of the sources of numbers it connects to, including the channel we’re launching today—can now act as both the “this” and “that” in “if this then that”. (Technically, the Numerous IFTTT Channel now includes both Triggers and Actions.)

For the first time you can create IFTTT recipes like these:

  • If MTD Bookings from Salesforce goes above $1m, then post a message to Slack
  • If MRR from Stripe changes, then record it in a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • If my Tesla's battery charge goes below 25%, then turn the lights in my garage red
  • If my Apple Watch heart rate goes above 180, then send an SMS to my wife
  • If our server load goes above 80%, then call me
  • If it’s been more than a day since we tweeted, email the Marketing department
  • If it’s 60 days until our fume date, then email our investors
  • If it’s 10 minutes until the Next SpaceX Launch, then tweet about it

With the new Numerous IFTTT Channel, we’re connecting their universe of events to our universe of numbers. Together, Numerous and IFTTT are like peanut butter and chocolate. Mmm.


Man, it feels I’ve been writing this post forever—thanks for sticking with me to the end! Of course there are a million details I don't have time (or endurance) to cover here, so we’ll be writing a series of posts in the coming days to delve further into all the new stuff and examples of how people are using it to make their lives better.

If you have a story you’d like to share with us, please get in touch. And as always, if you run into any problems or have any questions, please email us at or contact us on Twitter at @NumerousApp.


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