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Google Analytics in Your Pocket and on your Wrist

Colin Loretz
01 June 2015

Do you love Google Analytics? So do we and thanks to Google, it has become the gold standard for web traffic monitoring. It was also one of the first channels we knew we wanted to build for Numerous.

With the Google Analytics Channel for Numerous, you can keep track of multiple Google Analytics accounts and properties, all right within the Numerous mobile apps for iOS and Android. This allows you to keep tabs on pageviews, visitor counts, sessions and new visitors for the current day or last 30 days. This is especially useful if you find yourself trying to monitor multiple websites.

Sharing & Collaboration

With Numerous, sharing and collaboration are available right out of the box. Numerous syncs with your Google Analytics data every hour so you can share those crucial numbers with your team or a specific client and discuss changes over time. This type of collaboration allows you to discuss spikes or new trends in web traffic and correlate them to your marketing efforts like online ads, content marketing or social media campaigns.

Getting Started with Google Analytics for Numerous

Launch the Google Analytics channel in Numerous, sign in with your Google account, and you'll have access to your most important numbers from Google Analytics on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android.

Add numbers from other Numerous channels like Twitter and Instagram and you will have a personal dashboard of your marketing & social media efforts in your pocket.

New Business Channels Coming to Numerous

We're hard at work on even more business-focused channels, including Stripe, Quickbooks Online and, so be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop!

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