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Traveling the Apple-SpaceX Axis of Awesomeness

Charlie Wood
02 April 2015

In a short span of time I'll have visited two of the foci of the awesome things happening in our world today: Apple and SpaceX.

First, at Apple's invitation I flew out this week to the Bay Area, where I joined John to test Numerous for Apple Watch in Apple's Apple Watch lab in Sunnyvale. I must admit that I felt a bit like Charlie Bucket visiting Willy Wonka's factory.

As you might imagine, Apple was pretty clear that we were to treat everything we saw there as strictly confidential. But I will share one thing: the watch is as great as you're hoping it will be. And of course, we aim to have Numerous for Apple Watch available on launch day.

Then on April 11, at NASA's invitation I'll fly to Florida to attend the next SpaceX launch at Cape Canaveral. I considered driving, since it seems only fitting to drive a Tesla to a SpaceX launch, but decided it would eat up too much time on the calendar—and we have an Apple Watch launch to prepare for!

There's much less secrecy around this event. In fact, NASA is inviting people like me specifically to engage more with the world of social media. So I'll cover the launch on Numerous, hope to find some API's we can tap into (rocket telemetry, baby!), and Periscope as much as I can. Hopefully they'll have wifi—otherwise my wireless bill is going to be painful.

After the launch I'll return to Austin, which according to everyone recently is the most awesome place ever. And with the weather we've been having recently, I tend to agree.

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