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Numerous feat. Tesla, SpaceX, and Google

Charlie Wood
25 February 2015

Today we're launching a big update to Numerous, featuring Tesla, SpaceX, and Google. If you're the impatient type, you can go download it now.

Numerous is an iPhone/iPad app that aggregates your most important numbers from apps, devices, and other sources and makes them glanceable. And yes, when Apple Watch ships, Numerous will be available for it.

In addition to the new Google Sheets, Tesla, and Celestial Events (incl. SpaceX) channels, Numerous supports apps like Google Analytics, Twitter, Apple Health, and Strava; devices like Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect, and iPhone sensors; and other sources like IFTTT, stock prices, weather, and movie premiers, TV listings, and Bitcoin.

Beyond that, the version of Numerous launching on today includes the ability for third parties and us to add new channels to the app with no app update required. Expect to see a bunch of new channels from us over the coming weeks—including Fitbit, Salesforce, and Google Calendar.

Watch for videos of the new channels rolling out over the next few days!

Don’t have Numerous? Download it for iOS.

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