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Introducing Numerous 2.2

John Scalo
28 January 2015

Today we’re happy to announce an update to Numerous that adds three great new channels to the app:



Numerous now integrates with Strava, the popular activity tracking app. With the Strava channel you can add:

  • Running distance
  • Riding distance
  • Number of runs
  • Number of rides

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

For those that use Google Analytics to track and monitor their websites, you can now add a variety of statistics to Numerous including:

  • New visitors
  • Pageviews
  • Sessions
  • Total visitors

Snow Report

Snow Report

With the Snow Report channel you can get snowfall statistics for nearly 900 mountains in the United States:

  • Snow depth
  • Percent of average
  • New snow last 24 hrs
  • New snow last 48 hrs
  • Air temperature maximum
  • Air temperature minimum

More to Come

A major addition with this update is that we’re now able to add new channels without having to release new versions of the app. In fact several new channels are in development right now, so be sure to check back often or subscribe.

v2.2 is available now from the Apple App Store. What are you waiting for?

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