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Numerous v1.0.3 Adds Celsius Temps, Better Sharing, and More

Charlie Wood
14 May 2014

Numerous v1.0.3 just hit the App Store, so if you don't have automatic app updates enabled (you do, right?) then you should update right now! I'll wait.

OK, done? Great. Here's what you just installed.

Numerous v1.0.3 Celsius temperatures

One of the built-in auto-updating numbers available in Numerous is the temperature in your city. It's a neat feature and one that almost all of our users use, but until now it only showed temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit. Which is great as long as you live in the US, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, or Palau.

But almost everyone else in the world uses degrees Celsius, a fact of which a lot of people reminded us.

Now temperatures are shown in either Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on your iOS settings (Settings > General > International > Region Format). Can you believe it was 38°C in Cupertino today? Crazy.

Improved sharing

Today's release also substantially improves sharing. Tap a number to view its details, then tap the Share button and select Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, or AirDrop. (AirDrop, by the way, is so cool.)

Your shared message will include a link to a web preview of your number (for instance This way you can share with anyone, not just other Numerous users. Of course we want everyone to be a Numerous user, so the page includes a link to download Numerous on the App Store.

In addition, when you share via Twitter, other Twitter users on iOS will be able to open your number in Numerous directly from your tweet. (I know! Technology!)

New notification settings

Finally, we've added more fine-grained control over notifications. Previously there was a single setting for "Comments & Likes", but we heard from a number of people that they'd prefer to control those separately. So that's now how it works! Very handy for when you want to follow the conversation but don't want to be notified every time someone taps the Like button.

Along with these changes we've included a bunch of performance improvements and bug fixes, both in the app and on the server side. And we're at work on some brand new features. Watch this space for more news.

Thanks to everyone who's contacted us to request a feature, report a problem, or just to say hello! As always, you can reach us at or on Twitter at @NumerousApp. We look forward to hearing from you.

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