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Announcing the Numerous Channel on IFTTT

Charlie Wood
02 May 2014

Numerous Channel on IFTTT

Yesterday we launched Numerous and were thrilled with the response. Today we're making it even easier to track and share the most important numbers in your life with Numerous by launching the Numerous Channel on IFTTT.

IFTTT, which stands for “if this then that”, is a simple service that lets you create powerful connections between triggers and actions on the internet, like automatically turning your house lights on when you park by your house, or automatically letting your friends on Facebook know when you drive back home. You can read more about IFTTT here.

The Numerous Channel includes several actions, including:

  • Update a Number
  • Increment a Number
  • Post a Comment

By creating recipies on IFTTT using Numerous as the "that" part, you can automatically update numbers from a wide array of devices and applictions.

Here are some of our favorite recipes:

IFTTT Recipe: Track total steps from FitBit using Numerous. connects fitbit to numerous

IFTTT Recipe: Track and share your Withings weight with Numerous connects withings to numerous

IFTTT Recipe: Track and share your gas mileage with Numerous connects automatic to numerous

IFTTT Recipe: Post a trip log as a comment on Numerous. connects automatic to numerous

IFTTT Recipe: Reset a Number to Zero at Midnight connects date-time to numerous

IFTTT Recipe: Track the surf height at your favorite beach with Numerous connects surfline to numerous

To activate the Numerous Channel on IFTTT, just sign in when prompted using either Facebook or Twitter—whichever you use to sign into Numerous.

Be sure to create the number you want to track in Numerous before you create or use a recipe. (You'll be prompted for which number you want to store your data in.)

John and I are big fans of IFTTT and can't wait to see what everyone builds with IFTTT and Numerous. And as always, please let us know if you run into any problems or have any questions at

Update: Long-time Numerous user Hoon Park just created this awesome IFTTT recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: Keep count of coffee shop visits on Foursquare connects foursquare to numerous


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