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The First Week

Charlie Wood
09 November 2013

Last night we wrapped up our first workweek on Numerous, and we've already gotten quite a bit done.

To kick off the week, we made a first pass at what functionality we want to include in v1.0 and prioritized some other things for subsequent releases.

John has the earliest version of the Numerous app running on his iPhone 5s, which is awesome. It doesn't do a whole lot, but it's a lot more than void main() {}. First light!

He also got us set up on Git and Bitbucket. Why not GitHub? Because we're cheap, and Bitbucket is free for up to five contributors.

I set up some of our public-facing stuff, including the infrastucture for this blog, including Jekyll, S3/Route 53 static site hosting, Google Custom Search, Disqus, and Feedburner. I also put together our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

I did some early design work on the API, posed some important questions, and found reasonable answers by reading up on the API's for Twitter, BaseCamp, FullContact, Keen IO, Stripe, Twilio, and GitHub.

I can't wait to see what we get accomplished in week two. :-)

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